Welcome to our 2016 crop of wonderful foals! All are carefully bred for performance and type - the great colour being the bonus!

For more details of sires and dams, visit ouf Reference Sires and Broodmares pages.

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(Kelly) PHAA regn pend. Born 29.08.2016 - Bay tobiano filly

'Kelly' is a three-quarter sister to Cats Jackhammer (2016 Snaffle Bit Futurity winner) and will be cowy and very trainable. She should mature to around 14.3hh. Take note of her pedigree and the winners in her lineage.

SCH Painted Duck Duckrey (x Dual Rey (USA))
Acres Ideal Wrap
Poco Kate Kelly Poco Blue Moon (x Poco Peppy Doc *)
Poco Peppy Kate

This filly will be joining the Sunrise broodmare band in 2019

(Ginger) PHAA regn pending, Born 14.09.2016 - Chestnut tobiano filly.

The breeding on this filly suggests we need to get her to a trainer and into the cutting arena in the future.

Heavy Metal * Metallic Cat
Reyk It In *
Catskin Hard Hat Henry
Burst Of Colour


(Princess) PHAA regn pending - Born 21.09.2016 - Bay tobiano filly.

Its a thrill to have one of The Big Gun daughters in Australia. She will have a special place at Sunrise and we will look forward to training her for reining in the future.

The Big Gun (USA) Colonels Smoking Gun (Gunner)
Cactus Christy
Acres Ideal Wrap Acres Showdown
Barque Sonitas Sugar


(Boss) PHAA regn pend. Born 05.10.2016 - Bay tobiano colt.

A well balanced, bold, athletic colt that should grow to 14.3 or 15hh. By one of the most respected cutting stallions imported into this country, this colt should make a cutter or a campdrafter. There is no question that he will look at a cow!

Tapt Dancin Cat (imp) High Brow Cat
Tapt Twice
Tahbrits Miss N Acres Acres Showdown (x Acres Destiny *)
Boodjaru Miss Lady Bug


(Lights) PHAA regn pending - Born 13.10.2016 - Bay tobiano filly.

This filly is a full sister to 'SCH Two Colors', we have high hopes for a performance career for her in the future.

Ten Colors (USA) Color Me Smart
Little Tenina
Oaks N Diamonds Oaks Stylish (x Pepto Stylish Oak *)
Dry Pearl (x Dry Diamond *)

This filly will be joining the Sunrise broodmare band in 2019

(Giblet) PHAA regn pend. Born 14.10.2016 - Bay tobiano colt.

This little colt will be a cow cutting machine with his genetics .... hang on!

Cats Jackhammer WR This Cats Smart (USA)
Acres Of Clover
LD Smarty Pants Color Me Smart (USA)
LD Summer


(Mouser) PHAA regn pend. Born 21.10.2016 - Bay paintbred filly.

This is one pretty filly that is quick footed and strong. Good genetics on both sides of her pedigree will make sure that she is a cow horse that can compete with the best.

Alphacat Sophisticated Catt (USA)
Leoetta The Lioness
Booncity Destiny Acres Showdown (x Acres Destiny *)
Boonolena (x Docs Spin City)

This filly will be joining the Sunrise broodmare band in 2019

(Suds) PHAA regn pend. Born DOB 25.10.2016. Chestnut sabino/tobero filly (colour tests pending)

We are impressed with this filly, she has nice balance, great bone and lots of speed. Temperament is like her sire ... awesome. This pedigree has cutting and campdraft on the top side and reining and cowhorse on the bottom. With her speed she could rope or chase drums. She should mature to 15hh.

SCH Painted Duck Duckrey (x Dual Rey (USA))
Acres Ideal Wrap
BNT Miss Smartalena Amaroo Little Bobby Lena (x Meil Little Peppy *)
Quirran Lea Miss Leialena


(Smarts) PHAA regn pend. Born 07.11.2016 - Chestnut paintbred colt.

This is a really flash colt. Good movement and should be smart on a cow with High Brow Cat and Rey Dual bloodlines. (the magic combination)

Alphacat Sophisticated Catt (USA)
Leoetta The Lioness
Tahbrits Reyn N Acres Rey Dual (USA)
Tahbrits Acres N Diamonds


PHAA 17216 - Born 17.09.2016 - Paintbred chestnut filly.

An elegant filly that will train out nice. Pleasant temperament and an easy ride as a 3 year old. The Ten Colors (USA) progeny have been exceptional under saddle. This filly is out of the mother of Cats Jackhammer so she should also be as cowy and talented as him at drafting, reining and cowhorse events. She didn't inherit the colour gene but she shines regardless.

Ten Colors (USA) Color Me Smart Smart Little Lena
Doc's Painted Lady
Little Tenina Peppy San Sadger
Tenino Fair
Acres Of Clover Acres Showdown Acres Destiny (imp)
Docs Sugar N Spice
Poco Peppy Kate Poco Peppy Doc (imp)
Clover Kate Kelly

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